Saturday, December 5, 2009

Detolf Lighting

Here is a small guide to my still incomplete Detolf RGB LED lighting!

This is my nearly complete lighting setup. It consists of Ikea Dioder RGB LED lighting strips controlled by a micro controller that sets the RGB color.
So not only do I get lights off and lights on;

I can get Red, Green and Blue!

And I can also combine RGB to produce lots of other colors;

Also, the colors can be programed to follow certain patterns and effects thanks to the MoMoLight hardware/software and the BobLight software.
My version has slightly different hardware, firmware and a software color controller.
It's not pretty, but it works for what I need;

The whole setup can work as an ambient mood light, gently fading from one color to the next, or pulse violently at the rhythm of music.
Installing the Dioders into the cabinets is simple, but the wiring is a bit tricky, here are a few pictures of how I put mine together, its not permanent and is held together with tie wraps!

My goal is to get each Detolf shelf LED strip to be controllable individually as right now it only has 3 channels. Although I'm using a programable micro controller you can still have multicolored goodness with the standard Dioder controller.
If you have any questions please ask away!


aggrogahu said...

So I know this is an old post but I thought I'd ask anyways. I bought the multi-color DIODER lights from IKEA and I'm just using them as is out of the box. However, the cord used to connect from one of the lights to the main hub aren't long enough to span the height of the DETOLF. Did you do something to extend the cords? I'm not particularly interested in your micro controller hack (though it's really cool) I just wanted to see if you altered the DIODER cords so that spanned the height of the DETOLF. Thanks.

OiD said...

High aggro,

Is it the new DIODER with the color spinwheel? Or the classic one with the button that does everything?

My wires are stock lenght. Here in Spain they have droped the price recently, maybe they have made the wires shorter.

aggrogahu said...

Oh darn. It has a color wheel and three buttons. If yours are stock length then I guess there isn't much hope for mine :/ Thanks for the reply though.