Friday, July 24, 2009


Woooaah!! My poor blog! I watched it fall apart! Well, not that I had many hopes of a continuous blog...
So as to liven it up I'll post the pictures I took of my room for the Otacool Magazine over at Danny's site. Hope you like 'em!

Me and Tsuruya having our pic taken! Trying out my new umbrella with my camera :)

This is from above my bed, I'm stuck in the corner!

The opposite side of the room, plus a rose!

Magical place where most of my time is spent. Don't know why... maybe it's all the anime I watch. :P

I can controll the light in the Detolf from the PC thanks to modified MoMoLight hardware. Hmm, there's just something about light. ^_^

Some different colors, set colors to seizure mode!!

Yeah... let's move on!

Hidden posters inside cupboards!! Also storage space for cosplays (Ouendan), and posters :3

Hope you liked, feel free to tell me what you think!


carmelo said...

fucking awesome room dude
and the display case for your figures is so cool.
Hell yeah :D you have given me some inspiration!

John said...

I really would like tips or assistance on replicating that display case with the lights. I absolutely love it!!!!! PLEASE help me make one just as amazing.

John said...

If you are kind enough to lend a bit of your time and or assistance, my email is My friends and I have the Otacool book and all agree your room is top 3, next to Julie AKA and Alodia :)