Friday, December 18, 2009

Asuka Langley

Something arrived in a box! What could it be?


Wow! I didn't expect this! It's the prize from the Otacool project! I thought it would take a while to arrive. Apparently it arrived before but no one was home...
So here is my second copy of the Otacool book and a nice letter from Kotobukiya.


Also included is the marvelous Kotobukiya Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.0. I first saw her on Danny Choo and I was amazed at how lovely she looks!


Opening the box was a challenge, due to static electricity, my arch nemesis. Once opened I battled through some more static plastic and got a good look at the base of the figure; a bust of Eva 02. It is very detailed!


Now onto some pictures!


The hair is slightly transparent and it gives a nice glow to the figure. It's a very nice detail.


Asuka has a lovely expression which is another strong point for me.


The paintwork is really nice although there are a few black lines that are very thin, as is the attention to details in the figure.


Thank you to everyone related with the Otacool project!


Manuel said...

Congratulations... Hello Im Manuel From Chile... My Figure and book arrive to my home too

Anonymous said...

Asuka is really well made and the base is original. Moreover, your photos are truly pretty.:)

Tachikawa said...

I love Asuka... Please follow my blog...
I'm new here....Onegai

Dali Morbido said...

I expected a Xbox 720 lol

Leonard Navidad said...

Really NICE!