Monday, October 8, 2007

Poster Tip

I'm sure that many of you hang posters somewhere, so here is a little tip that is use full is you move your posters around a lot!

Quite provably, many great posters have been ruined due to tearing caused by the removal of cello tape. Of course, you can always use blue-tack and pins! But this is a tip for those who use tape.
This is "my poster", I want to put it away and try to remove the tape, and the image gets peeled of!

So here is the trick, get some tape and fold it over the edges of the poster, cello tape is quite a bit harder to tear or damage than paper.

This is the rear of the corner. This can be done on any edge of the poster!

Why am I posting this? Well I finally decided to hang up Urutorii from Utaware, and had to move Aruruu to make space. Behold! My cupboard door!

Now to make an Arruru or Kamyu poster to do with Touka on the other door!

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