Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Must update more often

First of all I thank my girlfriend for being who she is. :3 *hearts*

Patri is such a horrible person... presenting me with Arurru from Utawarerumono as of 6 months being together, Fauna from Megachu,AND a freaking display case for my B-day!!!

Please pardon the lighting. We had a power surge and the dimmer switch failed. Oh and the top shelf was where Freeing Tsuruya should go, but canceled it. So now im Tsuruya-less. W00t.

Boing! Straight from the H-game Megachu, Fauna!

And to our surprise, you can take part of her skirt of! Unexpected event!

An extremely cute figure, produced by Alter. The pose is quite dynamic, my only fear is that she might start to lean. Brilliant colors, great finish and I really like how she looks, a bit of weight on her body!

Next is the terribly shy Arurru who will steal all your food! I will be honest, I was not expecting such a lovely finish on this figure, pictures just don't seem to do justice!

I now hold Kotobukiya higher up in the manufactures list!

Oh and here is what I gave to Patri for celebrating our half a year XD

I honestly now want one!! Georgous! Plus she has stocky legs :3 And is huge!

Ryomou is still holding up...

Thinking of sticking all my duplicates in the car, since I have an abundance of Utaware trading figures -_-


Dancing Queen said...

yeah i've got that same Aruruu, i'm dying fr Eruruu but i can't find her :( I do the same, give figures to my boyfriend as presents. i wish he'd do the same, lol nah he does give me figures as presents but not as often as i give him figures. but then if i want one i'll get it before he can even get it for me.

Wacom Battle said...

aketa tia es com yooooooooooooooooo
XDDD jjajajajjajaa!

yo regalé esa estanteria >:3 juju, ke sorpresa se llevo Mr Simon Cave XD

muaaaaaa ttmm!

Danny Choo said...

When I first saw the thumbnail of this photo I thought "interesting curved case"

Silly me ^^;

XSportSeeker said...

Nice stuff..
Loved the Utawarerumono figure.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old post, but you say that you have an abundance of Utaware trading figures. I'm trying to find some to add to my collection. Do you still have these to spare?

OiD said...

Hi, I still have A Kamyu and Hakuoro. I had another Yuzuha bu a friend has her.

Anonymous said...

Can you drop me an email at mredwebb at Maybe we can work something out. Thanks :)