Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some may find this shocking!

Picking up on my electronics again, about time too. Check out Felicia balancing ready to attack my mouse! :D

Finally secured the wire on my Micro Pic programmer, feels a lot safer to move around without worrying about it ripping off.
Basically I'm just trying to program some more PIC's such as the 16F84A, 16F628, 12F629 and 16c73A. Playing around with logic gates and drivers, nothing serious really.

List o' stuff:
  • Programmer in the background near the plugs.
  • Breadboards and power supply with a bunch of IC's.
  • Component draw, full of IC's, LED's, resistors, capacitors, transistors, displays etc. I have another draw with more "industrial" stuff like transformers, heat sinks, connectors and switches.
  • Block of paper, but its actually a Data Sheet in disguise!
Believe it or not, Felicia actually falls backwards, and she's balancing on her feet, an odd sight in-deed.

BTW, I got offered a job to program machines (one of my dreams) but they wanted full time D: Boo! I'm a student still!


Wacom Battle said...

robo ke la felicia está en una pose xunguissima XDDDD como lo as exo!

miles busca trabajo... -3- alguieen??

muaaaaaaa ttstimuuuuu

Wacom Battle said...

ui.. robo no, trobo* , volia dir xD mua!