Friday, September 28, 2007

My figures... more to come hopefully :3

I finally got around to taking individual pictures of my collection! Here is what is on my shelf currently.

I tried to take some decent pictures, I think they came out okay. Here is the setup I made, not much, but its better than flash photography.

Mai Tokiha; From Mai Hime, currently my largest figure. A very nice figure by MaxFactory.

Mai Tokiha

Looks very nice, the base is wide but it is very easy to knock her forwards.

Rei Ayanami; From Evangelion, this is a rendition by Poyoyon Rock. An adorable Rei made by Sega.

Rei Ayanami

Asuka Langley; Second part of the set by Poyoyon. The cute looking Asuka has Poyo's mark, witch is a bandage.

Asuka Langley

Both of these figures where given to my from my girlfriend, go visit Patri too!

Lumire; From Kiddy Grade, a series very much enjoyed. No, she is not an underage alcoholic, just underage.


Eclair; Both of these figures came in one package. Desingned by mon-sieur Bome.


Very nice quality/price, I really like Lumiere's texture but taking pictures of Eclair is a nightmare. The bases are my favorite and I have no other that attach so well to their base.

Temari; Naruto. Watched up until the fillers, and stopped. Always liked Temari :3 A Bandai product, you can change the arm and the fan for a diferent pose. Neat.


One of my leaning figures, she seems okay after being boxed a while.

Ino; Naruto. Why is she in a swimsuit? I don't know. But I'm not complaining.


I dont know much about this figure, it had no box when I bought it. The beach ball is nice.

Saber; Fate Hollow/Ataraxia. Not from the series but the game. Comes with an Ice crusher and a deformed mini Saber. Cute isn't she?


Made by Alter. Oh yeah, that string is to stop her from leaning again. The rear pin her right foot broke, so she started leaning forwards, temporarily solved with a screw in her foot... still leaning. Did the hot water trick, went to far first try and ended up leaning backwards, she seems fine now.

Anna Kurauchi; From He is My master. I think this was my first anime with maids. The madly in love Anna acting inocent.

Anna Kurauchi

Another present from Patri! She's too kind ^_^ Made by Toy Pla.

Hakuoro; Utawarerumono. Or Uta or Utaware... The ONLY male in my collection, well' guess he doesn't feel lonely. One of my most favorite series.






Kamyu is my favorite. Made by Kotobukiya, the quality is okay I guess. Missing Urutori!! Trades are welcome!

Bazzet Fraga McRemitz; Fate Hollow/Ataraxia. I Wanted Kaleido-Ruby!!

Bazzet Fraga McRemitz
Alter product.

Chii; Chobits. One of my first anime's. Another box less figure. Old, discolored, bad paint, cheap.



Tira; Soul Calibur? Green! Cheap!


Did I mention box less?

Ryomou Shimei; Ikkitousen. Meido! The first figure I bought. Found at a french shop in a convention at 1/2 price, the pink version whas also available. I'm leaching the manga from a friend. Aaah, conventions, one coming up this october!

Ryomou Shimei

Soon to be 1 year old :3 Slightly leans backward, so I'm using a metal bar to stop her leaning. Summer is cruel. Made by ¡StoryImageFigure!

Felicia; Darkstalkers. Small, cute and portable! Made by Capcom.


Falls backwards after a while, so she is on Gothic Lolita Ryomou Shimei's base, Ryo is in my car :D


Mao; Shinning Tears. Saw the first episode, and bought her.


Box less! Easiest figure to knock over.

Motoko; Ghost in The Shell. I thought she was a key chain...


Here is the rest of figures, okay I got lazy! The first Four are from Love Hina, I only remember Kitsune, they were given to me at a convention and spent a year in a box.
The last one is Ropponmatsu from Excel Saga made by ¡StoryImageFigure! and is a pain to move.

Kitsune, Roppnmatsu and Company

Mini Saber; Came along with Swimsuit Saber by Alter. Always on the move.

Mini Saber

VERY tempted to turn her into a key chain.

Here is my tripod, as you can see, it needed a bit of McGyver's touch. Paper clips are use full, even the iPhone has an oficcial paper clip.

Triple paper clip no jutsu


Dancing Queen said...

i have that same Saber, Rei, Asuka, and Kiddy Grade figures. I really like the rei and asuka ones a whole lot.

Wacom Battle said...

juju avisto patri's regalos xDDDDD

malegro k tagradessin tan...
ets un friki... XDDD lo del estudi es dish... XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i fins les 7 am OMG! XDDDDDDDD

mi friki pexoxo XDDDD love :3